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  • Liebherr Customer Days 2024

    Liebherr Customer Days 2024

    I love technology. Early on in my career, I specialized in tech topics, and I am still excited to learn and experience new things every day. Naturally, moderating a large event about engineering and innovation in the crane industry is something I am passionate about. This year I had the great pleasure of accompanying the…

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  • Diebold Nixdorf Intersect 2024

    Diebold Nixdorf Intersect 2024

    In an era where technology is reshaping every facet of our lives, the financial industry stands on the brink of transformative change. This was the central theme at Diebold Nixdorf’s Intersect 2024 conference, held in Madrid, Spain. Looking back at a 15-year history of working with this company, I once again had the honor of…

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  • Volkswagen Group Technology “be more 2024″

    Volkswagen Group Technology “be more 2024″

    In a world where innovation drives progress, the automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. Volkswagen Group Technology’s “be more 2024” event kicked off with a vibrant atmosphere at the famous Autostadt in Wolfsburg, where industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts gathered to discuss the industry’s future. In line with its focus on…

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  • Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Launching Into the Future: Volkswagen Group Technology’s Metaverse Adventure Over three days, I had the privilege of moderating and training a group of brilliant minds from around the world, all gathered to pioneer a groundbreaking venture: creating a metaverse representing Volkswagen Group Technology’s global presence in the virtual world. A Digital Universe for Every Volkswagen…

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  • Fujitsu Executive Symposium 2023

    Fujitsu Executive Symposium 2023

    Everybody is talking about AI. But what is AI, really? AI is not a trend. AI is not a technology. AI is not a tool. AI is a global disruption of anything and everything humans have ever created, from industries to societies and everything else. It will change how we design, develop, build, distribute, and…

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  • dSpace World Conference

    dSpace World Conference

    I’m a techie. ADAS/AD, E/E-Development, Verification & Validation concepts, SiL/HiL simulation & automation, Digital Code Modulation (DCM) Radar, and AI perception components are terms that make my heart skip a beat. I love hearing about the latest developments in the tech world and discussing the challenges and opportunities involved in solving significant problems. I’m a…

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  • People, Place, Story – The Book

    People, Place, Story – The Book

    For the past two years, in addition to jobs and family, I put all my knowledge and experiences in the field of acting, moderation, and my work as a trainer and coach on paper. The result is a book that explains my very personal view of the topic of communication in the form of my…

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  • Covestro – Crafting Connections With You

    Covestro – Crafting Connections With You

    Humanity’s most significant tasks for the coming decades are protecting our environment, conserving resources, and transitioning to renewable energy. If we want to find the solutions to avert a climate catastrophe, we need politics, business & society to join forces and work hand in hand. Covestro set out to be a leader in the industry…

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  • PropTech Innovation Summit 2022

    PropTech Innovation Summit 2022

    The real estate industry needs to change. Why? 40% of global CO2 emissions originate in the real estate sector. 70% of these are produced by building operations, and 30% from construction. Over the years, the PropTech Innovation Summit has become an internationally recognized event that attracts experts and startups alike to discuss and present solutions…

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  • MINI @ Green Tech Festival 2022

    MINI @ Green Tech Festival 2022

    Our world is facing unprecedented challenges. The climate crisis we have created is threatening the livelihood of our and many other species on this planet. The GreenTech Festival is an important platform to discuss sustainability challenges with a passion for solutions. MINI and URBAN-X, a platform for startups sustainably reimagining city life, invited international change…

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  • Diebold Nixdorf Intersect 2022

    Diebold Nixdorf Intersect 2022

    Engage. Excite. Empower. Extend. The crème de la crème of the international banking industry gathered in beautiful Vienna, Austria, for Diebold Nixdorf’s famous intersect event to discuss the current challenges and opportunities of the finance sector. I have had the immense pleasure of hosting this fantastic event since 2010, and every single time I am…

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  • BMW Group Dialogues 2022

    BMW Group Dialogues 2022

    Sustainability starts with taking it seriously and making CO2 reduction an integral part of a company’s strategy. In 2021, the BMW Group became the first premium manufacturer to publish an Integrated Group Report, combining the Annual Report & Sustainable Value Report. The BMW Group also wants to be in constant dialogue with its most important…

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  • Formula E  – Berlin E-Prix 2022

    Formula E – Berlin E-Prix 2022

    I always wanted to be an astronaut. Or a race car driver. Or an astrophysicist. Or…so many other things I fell in love with over the years. Working with the automotive industry for almost a quarter-century, and following all the major race series for the past 30 years, I was thrilled to see the inception…

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  • Showreel 2022

    Showreel 2022

    Here’s my new showreel, short and simple. You can find more detailed footage from current projects in the video section.

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  • Liebherr Upload 2022

    Liebherr Upload 2022

    Working for and with Liebherr is awesome. Period. Whenever I get to film new episodes of the Liebherr “Upload” video magazine I feel like a little boy again. I remember when I looked in awe at those amazingly huge cranes and wondered how it would feel to operate one of them. I only had to…

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  • ZEISS Innovation Rocks

    ZEISS Innovation Rocks

    ZEISS is a company with a famous name that comes with a long history and tradition. Within the ZEISS universe, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is globally known for its industrial microscopy solutions that help us visualize and understand the smallest, even microscopic parts, 2D X-ray & 3D CT innovations, and metrology solutions in aerospace. Being…

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  • Alphabet Road to Sustainability

    Alphabet Road to Sustainability

    What are the essential topics of our time? The world is changing faster and more dramatically than at any time in history. These changes affect humanity, our society, our economy. Everything is part of this transformation. There is no single driver, no one topic responsible for these changes. Coinciding developments like climate change, digitization, and…

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  • GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor

    GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor

    One of my profession’s many perks and privileges is to get access to locations I would otherwise never see. One of those locations is the historic automobile factory of Bugatti in Molsheim, France. For the product launch of a unique collaboration between GilletteLabs and Bugatti in the form of a special edition of Gillette’s heated…

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  • Volkswagen IAA Way to Zero Talks

    Volkswagen IAA Way to Zero Talks

    Volkswagen is committed to the Paris climate goals and wants to be CO2-neutral by 2050. The IAA 2021 in Munich offered the perfect opportunity to showcase current and future electric cars of the Volkswagen brand in combination with talks on the main stage about the design process or the sustainable supply chain. Reducing the CO2…

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  • BMW Group Dialogues 2021

    BMW Group Dialogues 2021

    The BMW Group Dialogues were created in 2011 because BMW wanted to listen, learn and facilitate an exchange between BMW and different stakeholders from politics, business, science, and academia to discuss sustainability topics. For the past years, it meant traveling to cities on different continents to discuss topics like the future of mobility, corporate responsibility,…

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  • BMW Group Sustainable Manufacturing Week

    BMW Group Sustainable Manufacturing Week

    The Future Forum is a platform that invites visionaries and experts from different industries and backgrounds to discuss future topics and promote an open dialogue with the audience. In July, BMW Group traveled the globe virtually for „Sustainable Manufacturing Week“ at the Future Forum. Joined by an international audience, we discussed how to create ecologically…

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  • Proptech Innovation Summit 2021

    Proptech Innovation Summit 2021

    The real estate sector is seeing strong growth with huge innovation potential, and the international tech community is ready for the next step. Together they will shape the industry with innovative projects and collaborations. The 5th Proptech Innovation Summit was digital again, but this time as a live broadcast from a studio in Hamburg, Germany…

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  • ACHEMA Pulse 2021

    ACHEMA Pulse 2021

    ACHEMA is the global meeting place for the process industry. It usually takes place every three years on the Frankfurt fairgrounds, but due to the Pandemic, ACHEMA 2021 was moved to April 2022. A crisis always offers opportunities, so the organizers DECHEMA CEO, Dr. Thomas Scheuring, and Executive Board Member and ACHEMA Pulse Project Lead,…

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  • Forum Innovation Transformation 2021

    Forum Innovation Transformation 2021

    The FIT Forum 2021, organized by the savings bank “Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee”, took place as a digital event, due to the Corona pandemic. But in spite of the challenges, it was a wonderful day with inspiring conversations, new perspectives, and innovative solutions. The conference brings together regional companies, start-ups, local policymakers, and scientists to discuss current…

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  • Volkswagen “Way to Zero” Convention

    Volkswagen “Way to Zero” Convention

    Discussing climate-neutral mobility and the various aspects & perspectives of how to get there is crucial to the automotive industry in general, and to Volkswagen in particular. Volkswagen’s first “Way to Zero” Convention was all about open discussions and honest opinions. It brought together different points of view and arguments from scientists, politicians, NGOs, entrepreneurs,…

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  • ACHEMA Pulse Media Preview Day

    ACHEMA Pulse Media Preview Day

    ACHEMA, the global meeting place for the process industry, takes place every three years on the Frankfurt fairgrounds. Due to the Pandemic, ACHEMA 2021 was moved to April 2022. But instead of just canceling this year’s event, the organizers Dr. Thomas Scheuring and Dr. Björn Mathes decided to create a brand new digital flagship event…

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  • Trumpf Digital Tube Days 2021

    Trumpf Digital Tube Days 2021

    In February 2021, Trumpf invited its customers and interested parties to the first “Digital Tube Days”. Broadcast live from Trumpf’s Customer Center in Ditzingen, the audience had a front-row seat to the event while they were taken on a journey into the world of tube processing. The topics ranged from part design and programming to…

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  • Allianz Global Investors Capital Markets Kick-Off

    Allianz Global Investors Capital Markets Kick-Off

    The year 2020 was a challenge for humanity in every way. Global, socially, and economically. Every year, Allianz Global Investors, a global investment platform with specialists for a wide variety of asset classes and investment styles and one of the leading providers of sustainable investments, brings together its capital market experts for a kick-off event.…

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  • Siemens Service & Execution Forum 2020

    Siemens Service & Execution Forum 2020

    The technological development dynamic is increasing rapidly. Innovation cycles are becoming faster and more disruptive. What do these trends mean for the growth and development of Siemens’ Service & Execution? The Service & Execution Forum 2020 focused on where Siemens Service & Execution stands today and what the future will look like. Streamed live from…

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  • Global Sustainability Days 2020

    Global Sustainability Days 2020

    When we hear the word “sustainability” we usually think of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, protecting the environment, and keeping the ecosystems of our planet in balance. But how much do you know about sustainable and responsible investing and the impact it will have on the planet and all of our lives? Allianz Global Investors‘…

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