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  • finleap fintech summit

    finleap fintech summit

    The finleap fintech summit brought together international experts of the financial sector and innovative FinTech entrepreneurs currently disrupting this centuries-old industry. FinTech is one of those X-techs, like HealthTech, PropTech, or AgTech, that has created a whole new ecosystem of products and solutions for financial services. The summit was organized by finleap and its amazing…

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  • Impact Fintech’18

    Impact Fintech’18

    The biggest names, the hottest topics, this is Impact Fintech. This unique two day conference is the spot where the most established financial institutions on earth get together with new market disruptors to discuss the transformation process of the financial industry happening right now. More than 150 speakers from around the world came together in Lodz (Poland)…

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