Presenter | Story Coach | Speaker Trainer

About me

Hi. My name is Martin. I’m passionately curious about people, technology, science, politics, and everything else. And I love learning new things.

With 25 years of experience on the stage and in front of the camera as an actor, MC, moderator, host, musician, and speaker, I am grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen. And I’m hungry for more.

As a native German & English speaker, I always look forward to broadening my horizons by meeting new people worldwide and learning about the next exciting project.

I’m a lucky husband and proud father of three wonderful kids. I love good food, traveling, and everything tech. Want to know more?

How can I help you?

Presenter, Moderator, Actor, Host, MC for in-person live or hybrid events on stage & camera, TV, films, tutorials, digital, panel discussions, fish bowls, world cafes, game shows, and many other formats.

Story Coach & Speaker Trainer for Storytelling, Communication & Media Training, Stage & Camera presence, Public Speaking, Voice, Breath, Body Language, Rhetoric, Directing, Copywriting, Event Consulting.

What I love to talk about

  • Sustainability (Circular Economy, Closed-Loop Innovations, Solar Industry, Wind Turbines, Renewable Energy, Politics)
  • IT (AI, ML, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Digital Transformation, Digitization, Blockchain, Crypto, Cloud, XaaS, Big Data, AI, Neural Networks, Programming Languages)
  • Automotive (Electric Mobility, MaaS, BEV, FCV, (P)HEV, Autonomous Vehicles, Charging Infrastructures, Regulation, Homologation, Batterie Technologies, Hydrogen)
  • Finance (Banking Transformation, Fintech, Retail Banking, Cash Solutions, Mobile Payments, Connected Commerce, PSD2, Regulations)
  • Automation (Robotics, Automation, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Smart Factories)
  • Youth (Education, STEM, STEAM, Charities)
  • Startups (Pitch Contests, Competitions, Innovation Topics, Science Slams)