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Volkswagen Group Technology Pioneer Minds

Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

Launching Into the Future: Volkswagen Group Technology’s Metaverse Adventure

Over three days, I had the privilege of moderating and training a group of brilliant minds from around the world, all gathered to pioneer a groundbreaking venture: creating a metaverse representing Volkswagen Group Technology’s global presence in the virtual world.

A Digital Universe for Every Volkswagen Site

The idea behind the “Pioneer Minds” program is simple yet ambitious. Imagine stepping into a virtual space that showcases every site’s unique vibe, the amazing folks who work there, and what makes each location special—a digital realm that brings the essence of Volkswagen Group Technology’s global presence into a vivid, interactive experience.

Pitching Innovations to the Top Brass

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the team pitches. Each of the 24 teams from various international locations presented their visions to a panel of 12 high-level executives from Volkswagen Group Technology, including Group Board Member Group Technology and CEO Volkswagen Group Components, Thomas Schmall. This session wasn’t just a showcase of ideas but a testament to the rich diversity and creativity within the company.

My Role: Guiding the Future Shapers

As a moderator and trainer, my focus was on empowering participants to articulate their innovative ideas with clarity and confidence. Through mini-workshops tailored to enhance presentation skills and harness the power of storytelling, we dove deep into the mechanics of effective communication and presentation for their pitches.

From Global to Local

One of the most inspiring aspects of “Pioneer Minds” was its inclusivity. Participants from across the globe brought their local insights and experiences, enriching the discussions and design concepts. This collective intelligence is what drives the program towards its goal of creating a metaverse that is not only technologically advanced but culturally nuanced.

Looking Forward

As Volkswagen strides into the realm of virtual realities, the possibilities seem endless. For me, playing a part in guiding these pioneers wasn’t just an honor; it was a front-row seat to the future of collaboration in the tech world.

The journey has just begun, and I’m stoked to see where this path leads—not just for Volkswagen Group Technology but for all of us eager to connect and create in new dimensions.