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  • Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Launching Into the Future: Volkswagen Group Technology’s Metaverse Adventure Over three days, I had the privilege of moderating and training a group of brilliant minds from around the world, all gathered to pioneer a groundbreaking venture: creating a metaverse representing Volkswagen Group Technology’s global presence in the virtual world. A Digital Universe for Every Volkswagen…

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  • Siemens “Inventors of the Year”

    Siemens “Inventors of the Year”

    The Siemens “Inventors of the Year Awards” celebrate the achievements of researchers and developers from around the globe. This wonderful event, which took place at Siemens’ headquarters in Munich and was streamed live on the internet, was as much as celebration of people’s achievements as it was an evening of inspiration, focussing on the topics…

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  • Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar 2018

    Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar 2018

    This year’s Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar took place in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. For the 8th time, I had the pleasure of presenting speakers and panel discussions to a high-level international audience, packed with experts from the financial industry, discussing the most pressing challenges in the banking sector.

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  • International Dialogue on STEM

    What are the skills and abilities children need for a worthwhile future? And what are the contributions that we can make in this rapidly changing world? The “Haus der kleinen Forscher” Foundation invited global educators, scientists and activists from around the world to this first international conference on STEM education. More than 100 participants from 28…

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  • Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar

    The digital transformation is one of the most important challenges for the financial industry. More than 180 participants from 35 countries attended this year’s International Management Seminar in Amsterdam to discuss the current situation of the international banking business and how to bridge the physical and the digital worlds. For the first time since the merger of Wincor…

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  • Opening Westin Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

    Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie is a place full of history. Starting in the year 1875, large ships from all over the world docked here to unload their exotic cargo like coffee, cocoa, tea and spices directly into this large warehouse in the heart of the harbour. On November 30, 2016, almost 150 years later, the official opening of the…

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  • G200 Youth Forum

    The G200 Youth Forum 2015, organized by the G200 Association, was held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany from April 29 to May 3, 2015. As the previous year, I had the privilege of being the Master of Ceremonies for this prestigious event. Over 200 young leaders, members of parliaments and young parliamentarians, students and academics as well as representatives…

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  • InnovationsForum 2015

    It was all about smart products, smart services and smart minds on April 24 in Munich at this year’s InnovationsForum 2015, which I had the pleasure of being the moderator for together with my wonderful colleague Ursula Heller. Prominent speakers, such as Catharina von Delden (innosabi GmbH), Dr. Michael Kaschke (President of the Board, Carl Zeiss AG), Mark Rolston (Co-Founder and Chief…

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  • G20 Youth Forum 2014

    In May, participants from over 50 countries gathered for the G20 Youth Forum 2014 in the quaint Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For the 9th time, this unique conference for young leaders was organized by the G8 & G20 Alumni Association. Founder and President Ksenia Khoruzhnikova once again created an outstanding program for this prestigious event, which I had the honour of…

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  • Wincor World 2014

    Wincor World 2014

    With over 7.000 visitors from 90 countries, “Wincor World” is THE business event for IT-experts and management from the banking and retail industry. As the moderator of this three day event, I had the privilege of being on stage at Wincor World for the fifth time. Together with the great team from HEAD OF EVENT, I had the…

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  • Fujitsu Forum 2013

    Fujitsu Forum 2013

    With over 12.000 visitors from 90 countries, the Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Munich is the biggest European IT-Event. I had the privilege of being the moderator for this year’s Select Partner Program Channel Awards in attendance of CEO Rod Vawdrey, a glamorous prelude to an exciting Fujitsu Forum 2013. Together with the wonderful team of HEAD OF EVENT, we filmed and…

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  • IdeenExpo 2013

    IdeenExpo 2013

    Under the motto “Deine Ideen verändern“, the IdeenExpo in Hannover was all about jobs and education, presenting kids and young people a wide array of things to do and learn. Together with my wonderful co-moderator Sunny Bansemer and a great team, I had the privilege to moderate this amazing event yet again. As IdeenExpo TV, we produced about 80 live…

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  • Wincor World 2012

    With more than 7.000 visitors from 90 different countries attending, this year’s Wincor World 2012 at the new location in Rheda-Wiedenbrück was a great success. For three information packed days, international and renowned speakers from all over the world held presentations on the stage in the forum. I had the privilege of presenting the speakers and guiding…

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  • Fujitsu CeBIT 2011

    The world is changing rapidly. The technological evolution is at high speed and cloud computing is a big part of this evolution. Whether it’s improved efficiency in every day work routines or reduction of energy consumption, the cloud is everywhere. At CeBIT 2011, I had the honor of presenting Fujitsu‘s latest trends in cloud computing.…

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  • Fujitsu Future Forum 2010

    This year, I once again had the privilige of being the moderator for the “Fujitsu Future Forum 2010“. From August 06 – October 05, 2010, the Fujitsu roadshow traveled the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Mainz and Ludwigsburg to present the latest IT trends and technologies under the name “The Art of Computing“. Using an…

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  • Pleasure is also a question of technique

    Coffee from all parts of the world, prepared by first class Siemens espresso machines and explained by Master Barista Matthias Lincke. On August 17, 2010 in Munich and August 26, 2010 in Hamburg, I had the pleasure of hosting the official presentation of the new Siemens EQ.7 Plus and EQ.5 automatic espresso machines. Over the…

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