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  • The sentimental K…

    Three friends, who couldn’t be more different, a bar, a lot of alcohol and philosophical discussions about life and death. In February, I shot the short film “The sentimental ‘K’ in French” in Hamburg with my fantastic friend and collegue Nikolai Will.

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  • Help, my wife is cheating on me!


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  • The girl in the picture…

    On three weekends in November, an awesome and highly motived team around filmmaker and screenwriter Daniel Jacob filmed the mystery thriller shortfilm “Lucifer” (WT). In the role of the journalist Stefan Meerwald, who makes scary discoveries searching for a girl on one of his photos, I had a great time and got to work with…

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  • Maybe…

    On three wonderful and exciting days of filming with a great team, lead by author & director Joschka Laukeninks and cinematographer Ludwig Linnekogel, I got to play the lead part in the shortfilm “Everything’s So Silent” (WT), complimented by the beautiful Mary Muhsal as my girlfriend.

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  • The salted dog

    On June 21, I played a crazy religious leader with a permanent grin on his face and a guitar in his hand…oh joy. The shortfilm was filmed in beautiful St. Katharinen church in Hamburg.

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  • Blackout

    From June 02-06, I played the lead in the shortfilm “Blackout”, filmed at the beautiful Baltic Sea. After a great week with a superb crew, long incredibly cold or hot days, various minor stunt injuries and a good portion of sleep deprivation, I am concinced that we actually made quite a good film and I…

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  • Shortfilm: A short eternity

    On March 08/09, I played the lead role in Rebecca Schröder’s shortfilm “A short eternity”, filmed in Cologne. A couple, a planned wedding, an unexpected moment, a short eternity that changes everything…

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  • Shortfilm: Souvenirs

    I just spent a cold night in a park, playing a small role in the short film “Souvenirs” (Director: Florian-Philipp Gaull).

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