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Fujitsu Executive Symposium 2023

Fujitsu Executive Symposium 2023

Everybody is talking about AI. But what is AI, really? AI is not a trend. AI is not a technology. AI is not a tool.

AI is a global disruption of anything and everything humans have ever created, from industries to societies and everything else. It will change how we design, develop, build, distribute, and use any type of product or service. There will be no human being and probably no living thing on this planet that will not be affected by it.

AI has the potential to be everything you ever wanted and everything you never wanted. It will be able to plan, orchestrate, and execute life-saving surgeries or highly sophisticated cyber attacks.

The tech industry has already embraced the AI dialogue, while many other industries are still hesitant, mostly because there are more questions than answers. But, talking about AI is not optional. And the fact that Fujitsu has one of the IT-world’s longest, most successful histories in AI Research & Development and a long list of patents gives the company the foundation to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner when it comes to answering those questions.

Under the motto “Unleash your data-driven future”, Fujitsu invited top international executives, clients, and partners to the beautiful city of Cannes, France, to discuss critical topics of the digital economy. With keynotes about how to build a sustainable future by Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès and how to win in the digital economy by IDC’s Senior Research Director Andy Buss, the participants were inspired to discuss their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and questions in multiple roundtables on IT-resilience, AI opportunities & threats, and the digitalized mindset & cultural leadership.

I had the immense privilege and pleasure of moderating the two-day event and facilitating a roundtable on AI. I thrive in these environments, and I love working with people who have a passion for the topics that will change the world, hopefully for the better. I was as thoughtful as I was grateful when I was leaving the warmth of Cannes after a few days of sunshine and inspiring discussions. Thank you, Fujitsu.