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Liebherr Upload

Liebherr Upload 2022

Working for and with Liebherr is awesome. Period. Whenever I get to film new episodes of the Liebherr “Upload” video magazine I feel like a little boy again. I remember when I looked in awe at those amazingly huge cranes and wondered how it would feel to operate one of them.

I only had to wait some 40 odd years until I found out. And even after a few years, filming more than a few episodes I still laugh with joy every time I get to be in Ehingen and learn about new cranes, new technologies, and new stories involving mobile and crawler cranes.

And the stories will never stop coming because anywhere anything big is being built in this world that chances are pretty high that it will involve a crane of some sort. From office buildings to wind turbines, the list is endless and behind all of it are always people with great stories.

While the latest Upload episode was just released online (see below), I was already filming the next two episodes in the cold November weather. Filming in temperatures above 30 degrees celsius and below 0 is always exhausting for everyone involved, but being on these large playgrounds full of amazing machinery absolutely makes it worthwhile. So I’m really looking forward to 2022 and hopefully many more visits to Ehingen.

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