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  • Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Volkswagen “Pioneer Minds”

    Launching Into the Future: Volkswagen Group Technology’s Metaverse Adventure Over three days, I had the privilege of moderating and training a group of brilliant minds from around the world, all gathered to pioneer a groundbreaking venture: creating a metaverse representing Volkswagen Group Technology’s global presence in the virtual world. A Digital Universe for Every Volkswagen…

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  • IAA Conference 2019

    IAA Conference 2019

    Every two years in September, Frankfurt becomes the center of attention for the automotive industry. The IAA Conference, organized by the German VDA, officially opened the IAA. Over the course of three days, the program investigated how megatrends like artificial intelligence, smart cities, the sharing economy, autonomous driving, and alternative powertrains are changing mobility. On…

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  • Impact Fintech’18

    Impact Fintech’18

    The biggest names, the hottest topics, this is Impact Fintech. This unique two day conference is the spot where the most established financial institutions on earth get together with new market disruptors to discuss the transformation process of the financial industry happening right now. More than 150 speakers from around the world came together in Lodz (Poland)…

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  • Wincor Nixdorf IMS 2014

    In October 2014, this year’s Wincor Nixdorf International Management Seminar took place in wonderful Istanbul, the city that literally bridges Asia and Europe. For the 5th time, I had the pleasure and the honour to be the moderator of this exciting event, boasting international experts from the banking industry and highly renowned speakers such as Brett King and Jason Goodwin.  

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  • WorldHostingDays 2014

    The Europa-Park in Southern Germany is quite an unusual location, yet it’s the traditional venue for the WorldHostingDays, celebrating their 10th  anniversary this year. More than 5.000 international IT and Hosting experts from all over the globe made the long trip to attend this world renowned conference for web hosting companies. One of the many highlights…

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  • Wincor Nixdorf IMS

    This year, Wincor Nixdorf’s International Management Seminar took place in the wonderful city of Rome in Italy. Numerous banking and business experts from all over the world and internationally renowned speakers like Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker discussed the challenges the banking industry faces these days. As in the years before, I had the privilege of…

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  • A chocolate parcours

    The combined sales force of the Bremer Chocolade Manufaktur Hachez and Feodora met in February 2011 for their annual conference. In a highly challenging obstacle course, the participants had to solve different tasks concerning the lifecycle of a cocoa bean. As the host of the conference and subsequent awards ceremony, I had the privilege of spending…

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