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Volkswagen Way To Zero Convention

Volkswagen “Way to Zero” Convention

Discussing climate-neutral mobility and the various aspects & perspectives of how to get there is crucial to the automotive industry in general, and to Volkswagen in particular.

Volkswagen’s first “Way to Zero” Convention was all about open discussions and honest opinions. It brought together different points of view and arguments from scientists, politicians, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and of course, Volkswagen executives.

Volkswagen Way To Zero Convention

Starting with an opening presentation by CEO Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand, Ralf Brandstätter, this digital event hosted multiple panels with international guests, discussing the need for sustainable mobility.

Some, like Volkswagen, say the battery-powered car is the most efficient and fastest way to achieving climate-neutral mobility. Others favor different technologies and remain convinced of the advantages of hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

Volkswagen Way To Zero Convention

What attracts customers to e-mobility and what makes them hesitate? Where are we heading with battery development? Which technologies will succeed? Are we on the road to the super-battery?

These questions were among the many questions the experts talked about in various panels about the future of the batter, the charging infrastructure, or the electric car and the energy grid.

Volkswagen Way To Zero Convention

I had the pleasure of being part of this wonderful event, with topics that are among my absolute favorites and which I am passionate about. And best of all, I got to work with my fabulous colleagues Verena Wriedt and Tania Higgins, and an amazing team behind the cameras, who made this digital event an exciting and inspiring experience for all.

The challenges are manyfold, as are the possible answers and solutions. One thing is certain, it will require all of us to take action and start our own personal way to zero, to achieve clean and sustainable mobility for all. Let’s go.