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  • Fujitsu Forum 2013

    Fujitsu Forum 2013

    With over 12.000 visitors from 90 countries, the Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Munich is the biggest European IT-Event. I had the privilege of being the moderator for this year’s Select Partner Program Channel Awards in attendance of CEO Rod Vawdrey, a glamorous prelude to an exciting Fujitsu Forum 2013. Together with the wonderful team of HEAD OF EVENT, we filmed and…

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  • Fujitsu Future Forum 2011

    In September 2011, Fujitsu held their annual “Fujitsu Future Forum” and as in previous years, I had the honor of presenting the keynote speakers and guiding the participants through an exciting day. At three beautiful venues in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf, Fujitsu presented their latest offerings in products and services under the motto “Reshaping IT”. Among the many…

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  • Fujitsu Symposium Vienna 2011

    In April 2011, the Fujitsu Symposium 2011 was held at the Studio 44 in the beautiful Austrian capital Vienna. Under the motto “The Art of Computing“, Fujitsu presented the latest trends and developements in IT. Using a new and innovative multimedia format to introduce the presentations, developed by Head of Event, I had the privilege…

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  • Fujitsu CeBIT 2011

    The world is changing rapidly. The technological evolution is at high speed and cloud computing is a big part of this evolution. Whether it’s improved efficiency in every day work routines or reduction of energy consumption, the cloud is everywhere. At CeBIT 2011, I had the honor of presenting Fujitsu‘s latest trends in cloud computing.…

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  • Fujitsu VISIT 2010

    More than 8.000 visitors from 64 different countries came to Munic for this year’s Fujitsu VISIT 2010. As in previous years, I had the privilege of working as a host alongside my collegue Verena Wriedt and the great team from Head of Event. The presentations this year were focused on “Cloud Computing” and Fujitsu showed…

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  • Fujitsu Future Forum 2010

    This year, I once again had the privilige of being the moderator for the “Fujitsu Future Forum 2010“. From August 06 – October 05, 2010, the Fujitsu roadshow traveled the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Mainz and Ludwigsburg to present the latest IT trends and technologies under the name “The Art of Computing“. Using an…

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