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  • Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar 2018

    Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar 2018

    This year’s Diebold Nixdorf International Management Seminar took place in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. For the 8th time, I had the pleasure of presenting speakers and panel discussions to a high-level international audience, packed with experts from the financial industry, discussing the most pressing challenges in the banking sector.

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  • World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

    More than 800 million in the world go hungry every day. The goal of the World Food Programme is to achieve zero hunger by the year 2030. The WFP Innovation Accelerator, headed by Bernhard Kowatsch, was founded to accelerate innovations that help fight global hunger and spread them around the globe. At the official opening of the World Food Programme…

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  • Masterclass “Presentation Excellence”

    Together with event director and production expert Chris Cuhls, I developed the Masterclass “Presentation Excellence”. This Masterclass for anyone wishing to improve their presentation skills in front of an audience. Our approach is to make your presentation a dialogue between you and your audience that is fun for both parties. The two day Masterclass covers multiple aspects of you as a human being (body…

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  • Fujitsu Forum 2015

    More than 14,000 visitors from around the globe visited Europe’s largest IT-vendor event, the Fujitsu Forum 2015 in Munich, Germany and experienced two days packed with inspiring information about current IT- and industry trends. I have been working with Fujitsu and the wonderful team from head of event since 2007 and had the pleasure again this year to work as…

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  • Volkswagen Polo GTI Premiere

    In beautiful Valencia on the Spanish East Coast, the international press got treated to a very special introduction to the new Volkswagen Polo GTI on the Valencia Racetrack Ricardo Tormo and I had the pleasure of being the moderator for the daily press conference. Directed by the wonderful Ulrike Plesser, Volkswagen created an exciting new format for their…

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