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MINI @ Green Tech Festival 2022

MINI @ Green Tech Festival 2022

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges. The climate crisis we have created is threatening the livelihood of our and many other species on this planet.

The GreenTech Festival is an important platform to discuss sustainability challenges with a passion for solutions. MINI and URBAN-X, a platform for startups sustainably reimagining city life, invited international change makers to discuss the roles we play, what impact looks like, and how we can find solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.

It’s not a question of knowledge but whether we have the will to act. Will the amount & speed of our actions be enough to mitigate the effects of climate change and avert a climate catastrophe? What are the roles we play and the responsibility we have as individuals or corporations? How can we have an impact on these much-needed changes?

Those were the questions our panel and many other participants of the Green Tech Festival tried to answer. If you haven’t been to Green Tech Festival yet, join the discussion in 2023.

Green Tech Festival 2022