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  • Nachhaltige Metropolen im Jahr 2025

    Zu einer Konferenz und Zeitreise lud die Gegenbauer Gruppe über 200 ausgewählte Kunden und Partner aus Politik und Wirtschaft ins Berliner Gasometer um eine Blick auf die Zukunft der nachhaltigen Metropolen im Jahr 2025 zu werfen. Internationale und prominente Experten wie Jacob van Rijs, Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer, Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, Sabine Nallinger und Jens…

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  • Reifenhäuser Rethinking Day

    Following the motto “Cross-over innovation for future packaging”, Reifenhäuser Group invited 100 international selected experts from the industry to the “Rethinking Day 2015”. True to their core values of passion and open communication, the participants were invited to learn about Reifenhäuser’s newest technologies and discuss innovative ideas for the new projects. Together with great colleagues, Birgit Fehst, Tobias Wobbe and…

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  • G-20Y Summit 2015

    This year’s G-20Y Summit took place in Évian-les-Bains at Lake Geneva. Over 100 participants from around the globe gathered at the historic Hotel Royal to discuss the world’s most pressing challenges in areas like energy, finance or health. As Master of Ceremony & Moderator, I once again had the privilege of accompanying the participants throughout the summit at the Hotel Royal, as well as during…

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  • G-20Y Summit 2014

    In beautiful Montreux at Lake Geneva, Switzerland, over 100 participants of the G-20 countries got together for the G-20Y Summit 2014. Over the course of four intense days at the historic Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, the summit discussed the world’s pressing challenges in areas like energy, finance or demographics. As the Master of Ceremony / Moderator, I had the privilege of accompanying…

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  • Utopia Day & Awards

    How much have we done during these past decades with our knowledge about climate change, and how much have we actually changed? What are we doing today and what are the perspectives for the future? On November 9, 2012 the Utopia AG organized the “Utopia Day” in Munich to discuss the opportunities and limits of a sustainable…

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