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People, Place, Story - Das Buch

People, Place, Story – The Book

People, Place, Story - Das Buch

For the past two years, in addition to jobs and family, I put all my knowledge and experiences in the field of acting, moderation, and my work as a trainer and coach on paper.

The result is a book that explains my very personal view of the topic of communication in the form of my 3-pillar model “People, Place, Story”.

It is a look behind the scenes at our perception that shows why stories are superior to all other forms of communication.

What is storytelling, and how can I use it to communicate effectively?
What makes a good storyteller, and how can I become one?
How can I inspire my audience on stage or in front of the camera?

My book is intended to answer these and many other questions, to encourage you to question how you communicate and find your very own way of making your communication effective.