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IAV Executive Meeting 2020

We live in times of fast and enormously big changes.
These changes are happening faster than ever before, and they will never be so slow again.

On the one hand, we’re facing huge challenges like the climate crisis, and on the other hand, we see incredible advances in technology that offer unprecedented chances and opportunities to deal with these challenges.

Technologies, Ideas, Innovations are important, of course.
Yet only when we connect our culture, values and collaborative efforts with this know-how we can take full advantage of these potentials.

This collaborative effort was one of the key topics at this year’s IAV Executive Meeting in Berlin.

The conference offered fascinating insights into the different competencies of various departments at IAV and focused on two of the hottest topics of our time: AI and Automation.

One of the highlights was the presentation of AI-guru Prof. Andreas Dengel, from DFKI in Kaiserslautern, one of the most renowned “Centers of Excellence” for Artificial Intelligence.