Wincor Nixdorf International Management Seminar

The 30th Wincor Nixdorf International Management Seminar was held in Madrid, Spain.  Over 180 delegates from 39 countries discussed current issues facing the retail banking industry with selected speakers and a community of international peers.

Once again, I had the privilege to be the moderator at this prestigious event, supported by a wonderful team in the most beautiful setting of the Silken Puerta América Hotel.

IMS2016_1 IMS2016_2

Masterclass “Presentation Excellence”

Together with event director and production expert Chris Cuhls, I developed the Masterclass “Presentation Excellence”. This Masterclass for anyone wishing to improve their presentation skills in front of an audience.

Our approach is to make your presentation a dialogue between you and your audience that is fun for both parties.

The two day Masterclass covers multiple aspects of you as a human being (body language, rhetorics, voice, breathing), as well as your contents (storytelling, stage, audiovisual tools) to give you the right tools for true presentation excellence.

This Masterclass is currently in German only. We are planning to do an English Masterclass as soon as we have enough participants requesting the English version. So please send us an email, if you’re interested in the English Masterclass.

Get all the information about the Masterclass and register today:

Train to Paris

Delegates from almost 200 countries will join the climate conference COP21 in Paris, France with the common goal to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

The Stiftung 2 Grad wants to manifest the support of the German economy for this new climate agreement and therefore invited supporters and guests from business, politics and the media to travel together on the “Train to Paris”, of course CO2-neutral.

Topics such as climate friendly mobility, renewable energies and efficiency in resources where presented in various round tables, presentations and panel discussions. Among the participants where the German Secretary of the Environment Dr. Barbara HendricksRonald PofallaDr. Michael OttoProf. Dirk Messner and selected CEO’s from large German corporations.

Together with the president of the board at Stiftung 2 Grad, Sabine Nallinger, I had the honour and privilege to host this incredible Event on our way to a political event that will determine the future of our planet.

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Fujitsu Forum 2015

More than 14,000 visitors from around the globe visited Europe’s largest IT-vendor event, the Fujitsu Forum 2015 in Munich, Germany and experienced two days packed with inspiring information about current IT- and industry trends.

I have been working with Fujitsu and the wonderful team from head of event since 2007 and had the pleasure again this year to work as a presenter for Fujitsu’s Workplace Anywhere, detailing solution for the mobile workplace.

FujitsuForum2015_2 FujitsuForum2015_1

Sustainable Metropolises in 2025

The Gegenbauer Group invited over 200 selected clients and partners from politics and the business world to attend a conference on the future of sustainable metropolises in the year 2025 at the Gasometer in Berlin.

International experts, such as Jacob van Rijs, Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer, Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, Sabine Nallinger and Jens Mühlhaus talked about the challenges in areas like urban development, energy, environment and climate change.

Lead by the great team from Zibert+Friends and directed by the wonderful Monika Graf, I had the privilege of hosting this event as the moderator.

Gegenbauer2015 - 1 Gegenbauer2015 - 2

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